Engage Technology can build a wide range of web applications for your organisation. For example the following list includes some of the systems we have built recently. If you would like to know more about the types of systems Engage Technology can build for you or to view the following demonstration systems please contact us.

B2B Stock Control System

This system is designed for a manufacturing organisation and allows users of the system (internal or external users) to quickly access information about stock levels of various production items. It also allows you to make orders for various stock items.

Project Management System

A system which is designed to give senior management an overview of projects which are underway. It will take its data from existing project systems (like Microsoft Project). The purpose of this system is to give a snapshot of many projects and to quickly alert the user to projects which need attention based upon preset criteria. For example which projects are running late, or have costs outstanding which are not within budget etc.

Legal & IP Management System

This system allows an organisation to keep track of legal matters. It is designed to allow access over a network whether it be nationally or globally. Your legal department can quickly track all legal matters and search across all matters in the system.

Activity Bookings On-Line System

This system is an on line bookings system for training activities. It will automatically contact parties involved by email whenever they book an activity.